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Reticulation Repairs PerthHere at Dynamic Property Solutions WA, we are proud to offer all residents of Perth and the surrounding suburbs comprehensive reticulation services, installations, and repairs. Your irrigation system is vital to the health of your lawn or garden, and with Perth’s warm climate, it must withstand the wear and tear over the years of use.

We understand just how often the average reticulation system is used in our hot climate, and we can help you ensure that it continues to operate smoothly for many years to come. We can also assist you with custom reticulation system installations that will keep your landscaping looking beautiful once the project is complete.

A Closer Look at Irrigation Systems

Even though a basic irrigation system isn’t complex, it is still made up of many different parts. As a general rule, an irrigation system is nothing more than a collection of solenoids and pipes that are connected to a controller or hub. The irrigation controller is used to adjust the settings of the system so that all of the flora continues to thrive throughout the year especially in warmer months.

While modern reticulation systems are designed to be highly durable, they can still break at any time. As soon as you notice any problems, contact Dynamic Property Solutions WA for affordable reticulation repairs Perth. Our team will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem and then carry out effective repairs so that your system is back up and running before you know it.


Benefits of an Irrigation System

There are quite a few reasons why so many home and business owners throughout Perth have had custom irrigation systems installed. The biggest benefit of an irrigation system is the limited maintenance that will be required to keep your lawn and garden healthy. Once the system is in place, you won’t have to rush out to water your landscaping elements first thing in the morning or right when you get home from work. You can easily set the timer on your controller and then rest assured that your lawn and garden are going to be taken care of with just the right amount for your lawns and plants.

A well designed custom irrigation system might also save you quite a bit of money over the years because your landscaping elements won’t require as much water. When the settings are properly adjusted, your lawns or gardens aren’t going to dry up or become overwatered.

Over time, your new system could save you an incredible amount of water and money. With a high-quality system and regular maintenance, you are also going to save money on reticulation repairs.

Absolutely amazing service! Tom showed up as arranged, diagnosed the retic fault, suggested the best fix and repaired.
He also gave lots of additional handy garden tips too!
First class service”

Jacqui Bayswater

“Logged into a link from Water Corp for an offer of “Free Garden Advise for Bore Owners” & after registering we were contacted by Tom from Dynamic Property Solutions to book a time for a visit

Tom gave us some good general water wise tips on how to check that we are using our bore efficiently
Types of sprinklers for lawns verses gardens, mulching, fertiliser, wetting agents & because I have been struggling to control the weeds in the lawn a suggestion for that

Unlike when we have been to the local suppliers this was by far the most informative & without promoting any one suppliers product

Thankyou to Water Corporation for the initial contact & for Tom for your advise I will be on the lookout for more Water Corp advise online”

Norma Ellenbrook

“Tom has great knowledge and experience with all aspects of gardening and reticulation systems.
I can highly recommend Dynamic Property Solutions for their excellent quality work and at a very reasonable price.”

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Maintain a Green Lawn Throughout the Year

Unless you have a background in landscaping, taking care of a lawn during the warmest months of the year can be difficult. As Perth and the surrounds suburbs heat up, you might notice brown patches from a lack of water or pools of water that are killing off the roots.

Investing in a high-quality irrigation system will take the guesswork out of watering, and you won’t even have to be home while the system works.

Garden Maintenance Perth

New Landscaping Options

Having a lush lawn is a great start, but you might be interested in creating your own little piece of paradise on your property. In order to keep a tree or other plants healthy, you will need a customized irrigation system that can deliver water to where it is needed the most.

A tree on one side of your property might not need as much water as a series of bushes along the front of your house. Luckily, slight adjustments can be made to the reticulation system so that the water is always delivered to dry areas without overwatering the rest of your landscaping features.


Affordable Reticulation Repairs Perth

In addition to providing our clients with affordable reticulation repairs in Perth, we also offer a wide range of vital irrigation services and installations.

  • That includes:
  • Spray and Micro-Spray Irrigation
  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Pumping Systems
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Home and Garden Filtration
  • Enjoying the Lawn or Garden of Your Dreams

When it comes to irrigation system installations, irrigation maintenance, and reticulation repairs Perth, we are committed to providing our clients with world-class service.

We also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, and that means you can rest assured that the work is going to be done correctly and in a timely manner. To learn more about any of the irrigation and reticulation services that we offer, please contact Dynamic Property Solutions WA today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

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